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While most companies rely on their brokers to provide competitive pricing, most are unaware or ignorant of all the statutes that apply to each bill.   They are mostly interested in one thing – the lowest price per kWh and nothing else.   We are not brokers and are not concerned about the price you pay for electricity.   We care about the mistakes they make in their billing habits.

Although a vast majority of electric bills are billed without errors, there is a smaller segment of businesses where errors can be found in nearly 85% of the bills we audit.  Most of these mistakes are not malicious in nature but generated by faulty computer software – software that is used by most of the major retail electric providers.   To date, we have identified more than 25 REP’s making the same mistakes and some are guilty one hundred percent of the time.

Identifying the problem takes mere minutes for us to recognize with a simple audit of a few electricity bills, but it can take several months to correct.   We are happy to report that we have been successful 100% of the time, and we have no unhappy customers!


Though most of the errors are less than 4%, we can go back four years for refunds. Using this example, if your company spends $20,000 a month in electricity, your refund could amount to more than $35,000! Factor that mistake not being corrected over the next decade, and you would be spending over $100,000 unnecessarily.

If you are like most companies, your personnel have little time to devote to chasing a refund like those described here, but they do add to the bottom line. We pride ourselves in being unobtrusive and taking care of the detail work that is required to help you acquire a refund, while allowing your employees to do the job you hired them to do. We only ask for a modest portion of the initial refund that you receive. The rest is yours completely – even the savings going forward.

Just know this one fact, if we have contacted your company, it’s because it fits the profile of those whose electric providers have had a high degree of incorrect billing. Remember, the review of your bill takes only a few minutes of your time – no more. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain!