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Bill Pelham  
Bill Pelham  

Bill Pelham is a former professional golfer who played six years on the PGA Tour and was mentored by some of the greats of the game. Former Masters and PGA Champion, Jack Burke, Jr. was a great influence in his life and often talked about the importance of playing by the rules.

“The rules of golf are quite clear, Pelham,” he would say. “There are no gray areas…you are either in bounds or out of bounds. It’s the same way in business.”

This philosophy has guided Bill for more than 30 years and it is one that reflects the desire he has to hold the major retail electric providers accountable for their mistakes. Though they are unintentional in

nature, many have fought or made difficult our task by trying to defend the indefensible.

Bill has guided his efforts and those with the sole purpose of making a difference to the bottom line of his clients. Whether the refund is minimal or one that is in the upper five figures, as was Caldwell Companies and 359 Post Oak HOA, Doubleagle has taken great pride in helping companies add significantly to their bottom line.